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LOVE Programs: Promoting the values of public service, kindness and respect for yourself and others.

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Chris Brown: It’s Our Nature to Love One Another

What is Love?

Love is Unity

Symphonic Love believes in encouraging individuality while still recognizing that we are all connected by our humanity.  Chis created his Unity Campaign based on this philosophy, which is the motivation by many of his artistic and philanthropic endeavors.

      • Chris launched the Unity Campaign early in the summer of 2013 by  featuring children and families from South LA’s Crenshaw Community in his “Don’t Think They Know”  music video, a powerful and inspiring statement to turn away from violence and toward unity.
      • In July 2013, he launched WE US – Walk Everywhere in Unity Shoes, a collaboration with city, nonprofit and community leaders  to distribute 1,000 Reebok Classics to young people, promoting the message that “wherever and whenever we walk, we are a united community.”  WE US was launched at three diverse neighborhoods in South LA.  Later that summer, Chris’ aunt Christine Brown brought WE US to Chris’ hometown of Tappahannock, VA and Richmond, VA and WE US is being planned for Harlem, NY. Read about it NEWS.

from Symphonic Love Foundation on Vimeo.

  • The third initiative of Chris’ Unity Campaign, the Unity Games, is a series of neighborhood basketball games to bring much needed hope and attention to overlooked communities and the inspiring heroes who uplift them. The first Unity Game was a collaboration between the LAPD, 2nd Call and Gang Interventionists to honor unsung heroes from the South LA and Watts neighborhoods. Read about it in NEWS.

Love is Respect

Symphonic Love believes that everyone deserves to be in healthy, loving relationships with the resources and skills to face the challenges of all forms of abusive relationships.

    • Over the past four years, Chris Brown and his mother Joyce have been a welcomed part of the Jenesse Center, learning about the cycle of domestic violence that has significantly impacted their lives. Chris and Joyce have been giving back with computers, artwork, festivals, school supplies and fun to the families who have lived through similar situations. Witnessing domestic violence as a child and then finding himself in the role of abuser as a teenager, Chris has been dedicating time and resources to improving his life and the lives of others.  Watch this moving VIDEO from the Jenesse Center about their work and relationship with Chris over the past four years.

Chris Brown visits the Jenesse Center from Reel Life Pictures on Vimeo.

Love is Dignity

Symphonic Love believes that everyone should be treated with dignity regardless of our differences. Our originality makes us unique, but we’re all connected by our humanity.

  • Over a hundred Best Buddies have participated as VIPs to special events, outings and concerts with Chris around the world.
  • Chris was honored to headline the Best Buddies International gala in Miami in November of 2009.
  • Launched in Spring of 2013, Symphonic Love sponsors the annual Symphonic Love Global Best Buddies Day with Team Breezy in cities all over the world. Check out the VIDEO of the 2013 launch, when Chris joined creative forces with world-renowned pop artist Romero Britto and Best Buddies to raise funds and awareness for the cause! SLF Global Best Buddies Day aims to inspire action and understanding, while raising awareness and respect for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities around the world. Check out the SLF Fun Zone to get involved!
  • Symphonic Love Foundation sponsored the Home Again Walk in 2012 to raise funds to provide shelter and support services to homeless men, women, children and veterans in Chris’s hometown of Richmond, VA.  Symphonic Love also provided back-to-school backpacks for the kids as well as special visits with families.  Christine Brown and Team Breezy are continuing to volunteer with a confidential shelter in Richmond, VA. Watch this VIDEO to learn how Home Again is saving lives.

Love is Knowledge

Symphonic Love encourages everyone to be knowledgeable about sexual health, to get tested for HIV, and to end the widespread stigma against people living with HIV/AIDS.  Love is knowledge: know your status!

  • Symphonic Love sponsors AIDS Project Los Angeles’s Collective Effect @ APLA, a program to encourage the next generation to take leadership roles in support of HIV/AIDS organizations, promoting testing and fighting the stigma against people living with HIV/AIDS.
  • POZ magazine recognized Chris for his stand against HIV stigma and discrimination.
  • Chris has been hosting LifeBeat kiosks at all of his domestic concerts to provide free condoms, HIV/AIDS education and testing resources.
  • Chris introduced this AIDS Project Los Angeles video which was played at every LA Lakers half-time game during the month of December 2012 for World AIDS Day. Check out the video and learn more about the life-saving work of APLA.

APLA Promo Video2 from Symphonic Love Foundation on Vimeo.

Love is Giving

Symphonic Love supports and promotes Team Breezy in cities throughout the world as they organize projects to make a difference in their communities.  We are so proud of Team Breezy for giving back in the spirit of Symphonic Love. Team Breezy pledges to cultivate creativity, promote positivity and lead with their hearts! You inspire us. Learn more about how Team Breezy is changing the world in the Symphonic Love News section.

Every year, Symphonic Love’s “Home is Where the Heart Begins” supports local projects in Richmond and Tappahannock, Virginia including the “Teens are Talking” forum, Young Ladies Harvest Brunch, RVA Feed the City, and holiday programs for charities that had a positive impact on Chris’ life including the Tappahannock Children’s Center, Tappahannock Dialysis Center and New Liberty Baptist Church.