Founder, Chris Brown Holds 1st Annual Roller Skate Jam For Symphonic Love Foundation

Los Angeles. June 28, 2014. Saturday night Founder, Chris Brown held his 1st Annual Roller Skate Party at Moonlight Rollerway Skating Rink in Los Angeles in support of his foundation, Symphonic Love. The event was supported by many of Chris’ close friends and family along with celebrities Justin Bieber, Tyga and Sevyn Streeter who showed up in support of Symphonic Love.

This marks the 1st Annual Roller Skate Party in support of Symphonic Love and all proceeds from the event will be donated to support the foundation’s Art & Love Programs.

Symphonic Love Foundation supports and creates arts programs for youth while encouraging every day public service, respect and kindness. Symphonic Love believes in the capacity of love and art to change the world.

Symphonic Love Foundation is the evolution of Chris Brown’s history of giving back since he was a child.

Giving back to the community was instilled in Chris by his mother Joyce, who worked as a director at the nonprofit Tappahannock Children’s Center in their hometown for 24 years, where Chris attended for 13 years. As a very young child Chris watched Joyce’s dedication and love for the children, parents, and staff at the Center. Starting when Chris was 2 years old, Joyce and Chris visited nursing homes together where they and the children from the Center made cookies and sang for the elders who were alone without family support.

Chris credits Joyce for teaching him to reach out any time he would see someone in need. When he saw kids bullied for being different, for having disabilities or just being themselves, Chris stood up for them. When he saw someone who was alone, he extended his hand. Chris is known to have given of his big heart when he had nothing else to give.

As soon as Chris became successful he began to donate financially. When Chris was 17, he donated over $50,000 in proceeds from his “Up Close and Personal” tour to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Every U.S. tour and every year since then, Chris gives of his time and financial resources to the charities he cares about.

As a young artist, Chris found personal expression through his creativity. Art gave him an opportunity to be himself, to be original. His artistic expression transformed into opportunities beyond his wildest dreams. Opportunities and the trials and tribulations of his life have shaped his vision to use his public platform to impact the world in a positive way. Chris believes that every day is another chance to cultivate creativity, promote positivity and lead with love. He dedicates Symphonic Love to his friends, family, and TEAM BREEZY!

Symphonic Love Foundation creates programs and partners with non-profits in two focus areas: ART & LOVE