Chris & Reebok Classics Walk in Unity with LA City


Walk Everywhere in Unity’s Shoes

Los Angeles, July 6, 2013 – As part of his Unity Campaign, Chris is working in cooperation with the LA City mayor’s office and local gang reduction organizations to continue inspiring change in South Central LA. His “WE US: Walk Everywhere in Unity’s Shoes” project is providing Reeboks to 1,000 youths at three sites in Compton and The Jungles in an effort to remind young people that whenever and wherever we walk, we are a united community.

Reaching out to uplift LA’s at-risk communities is not new for Chris.  Earlier this summer, Chris featured local youths and families in his video “Don’t Think They Know” shot on location in the Crenshaw High School neighborhood. The video is a powerful and inspiring statement to turn away from violence and toward unity.  Chris is a long-time friend of LA’s Jenesse Center Domestic Violence Intervention Program which has helped more than 5,000 families break the cycle of violence.  Chris launched his Symphonic Love Foundation last fall with an arts & music festival for local charities, and supports youth through his scholarship program with the Debbie Allen Dance Academy. To promote local artists, Chris recruited LA graffiti artist Vyal and local art students to paint the WE US delivery truck.

Chris’ Symphonic Love Foundation is producing the WE US events under the guidance of Deputy Mayor Guillermo Cespedes, and former gang members turned social activists Eugene “Big U” Henley and Skipp Townsend.

The first WE US distribution was earlier today with Big U’s gang reduction and positive youth development nonprofits Developing Options and Crenshaw Colts at Crenshaw High School.  Additional distributions are planned for later this month with Mr. Townsend’s charity.

Reebok Classics is the official footwear provider, and is assisting the cause by providing additional staff on site.

Chris created the Unity Campaign to stand for the motivating  philosophy behind many of his creative and philanthropic endeavors.  The campaign inspires creativity and individuality with the awareness that we are all connected by our humanity.