Chris, LA City Officials & Community Leaders Unite

Los Angeles, July 20, 2013 – Chris returned to South Central LA today for his WE US: Walk Everywhere in Unity’s Shoes project. WE US events were held at Campanella Park in Compton, and Jim Gilliam Park in The Jungles, where Chris, assisted by Team Breezy, personally distributed every sneaker to hundreds of kids in each neighborhood.

Check out the interview with Chris HERE.

The WE US events were planned in cooperation with Deputy Mayor Guillermo Cespedes, and former gang members turned social activists Eugene “Big U” Henley and Skipp Townsend.  Yesterday’s WE US events in Compton and The Jungles were produced with Townsend’s community organization, 2nd Call.  Chris launched WE US earlier this month at Crenshaw High School with Big U’s Developing Options.  Local DJs, artists and caterers were hired to provide entertainment and refreshments, and LA graffiti artist Vyal One and his art students painted the WE US truck.

WE US is part of Chris’ continuing effort to uplift LA’s at-risk communities.

Reebok Classics is the official footwear provider for the cause.


About WE US: Walk Everywhere in Unity’s Shoes

WE US is providing Reebok Classics to 1,000 youths at three sites in South Central in an effort to remind young people that whenever and wherever we walk, we are a united community.

WE US brings together LA City Officials, LAPD, LA County Sheriff’s Office, local gang reduction / youth development organizations, LA graffiti artists, LA Team Breezy fans and families in a community-wide effort to inspire a message of unity.

About 2nd Call

2nd Call is a community based organization designed to save lives, by reducing violence and to assist in the personal development of high risk individuals, proven offenders, ex-felons, parolees and others whom society disregards.  For more information, please visit

About Developing Options

Developing Options is dedicated to community development and the cultural and economic revitalization of communities worldwide.  Developing Options offers services that assist people who are experiencing violence, are at risk of homelessness and have limited resources – to create an environment that strengthens and develops communities by promoting integrated approaches that provide food, decent housing, a suitable and sustainable living environment and expand economic opportunities for low and moderate income persons. For more information, please visit