Chris and Mo Backstage

Chris & Mo Hang Out! from Symphonic Love Foundation on Vimeo.

June 2, 2013.  Rutherford, N.J.   Chris and team were honored to meet the amazing Mo Elherazy and his family backstage before the Hot 97 Summer Jam.  Mo is confined to a wheelchair and speaks through a voice synthesizer and computer, yet his spirits soar to brilliant heights and his humor, creativity and wisdom shine through. Thank you to the Kids Wish Network for introducing Chris and Mo!

Even though my life is hard, and filled with millions of hardships; I believe that life is a blessing; I believe that everything happens for a reason, and I believe that things will get better. People underestimate me; they believe that I can’t achieve greatness, that I will not leave my mark on the world. I plan to prove them all wrong“  Mo Elherazy

Some of Mo’s beautiful words and story are below:

My Inspiration”  9/23/2012:

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”  I am not afraid to fail, because I understand that life is a process of trials and tribulations. We are at our weakest when we forget to believe in ourselves, and our dreams. I want to act, perform, be famous, and show the world who I really am, so I can set an example for kids like me. I know that these are big dreams, but I learned from Chris Brown that your dreams are never too big, and when you fall get right back up, and try again.

Chris Brown taught himself to sing and dance at a young age…a self-motivated artist who made it big, built a name for himself, and became a world sensation. But one mistake, made him fall to rock bottom, and no one believed he would be the same again. Society makes it hard for you to forget your past, and move on to a new page. But sometimes we can rise above that darkness and be the people we have always aspired to be.

Chris brown did just that. He realized that people can’t choose your life for you. ..F.A.M.E. is [his] fourth studio album…means so much more, it stands for his new outlook on life “Forgiving all my enemies”. I had the absolute honor of attending his concert in D.C last September. Seeing him perform, showed me that anything is possible. He gives me the strength to move through each day, because I can feel my dreams around the corner. It doesn’t matter what hardship you have or had to deal with in your life, it matters when you allow that hardship to motivate you.

He has shown me that darkness has an end, and that struggles only make us stronger. Seeing him now with..“Fortune”, shows me how unstoppable he is. He has such a strong fan base, because people have seen him rise above his struggles. I’m excited for what the world has waiting for me, and I can’t wait to accomplish my dreams, and finally be me.”

My Story   3/26/2012

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength”

I can remember being 4yrs old, in a hospital. I sat in this room with my family, it was filled with toys. I didn’t know too much about what was going on, but I did know that the doctor would cure me. That was my thought 11 years ago, a thought that stayed a part of mind, but never came true. My name is Mohamed Elherazy, and this is my story.

Before I go into depth about my hospital experience, let’s go back to when I was one year and a half. My mother told me this story. I was year and a half, and I still wasn’t walking. My parents thought it was normal, boys tended to walk slower than girls. That was not the case, I began to get up, take a few steps, and then fall on the ground crying. My parents observed this usual quality and decided to take me to the hospital; we were in Egypt at that time. The doctors did not know what I had. In 1997 we traveled to Texas to visit some more doctors; they also could not diagnose me. We traveled back to Egypt, however when I turned 4, the pain started to increase. My parents booked tickets; we had family in Virginia, so we traveled there. We visited several doctors, until we came across john Hopkins. They informed my parents, about what was supposed to be a simple surgery. They were simply going to pop my hip, back into place. I was only four, now back to the hospital, we still were sat in the room. All we did was wait, until it was finally time for me to go in.

Remember how I mention it would be a simple surgery? That was not the case at all; they ended up breaking my hips, and putting them back into place. The surgery lasted for about, 6hrs.  I was unconscious, so I did not feel anything. 6hrs later, I woke up in a room, surrounded by my family and many gifts. Everything seemed to be okay; I played with my sister, talked with my parents and family, and even played some video games. The doctors informed my mom, that I would be wearing a cast, waist down for 6 weeks; then I would have two months of physical therapy, and I would be good as new.

The 6 weeks were tortuous; it was very tiring to be in the cast. But my family made, my time go by smoothly. We were staying at one of aunt’s house, in Fairfax. My sister would roll me out on the grass in the mornings and we would play. 6 weeks later, they took off my cast. I was so excited, because I believed that I would be okay soon. The two months of physical therapy, turned into 12 years and still counting. During my elementary and middle school years I was on a wheelchair, but I had a good time. I had many friends, and the teachers loved me.

I did not feel the true pain of my case, until I hit high school. It is hard to see everyone around me, playing, walking, and running, talking, and achieving their goals. I want to feel free, every night I lie on my bed and I feel trapped. I always ask myself; if I had not had that surgery, would I have been okay? I know that I can’t blame myself, because I am lucky to be alive. My family does everything they can to make me happy.

When I was young I enjoyed music, and I still do. I used to always listen to NSYC, they were my favorite band. My parents bought me all of their concert tapes. Now my favorite singers are  Chris brown, and Bruno mars. All throughout my elementary school years, my favorite things to do were to play video games. My cousins would always come over, and we would play dragon ball Z. Over the past years of my life, I have been collecting video games. I now have hundreds of them, all different kinds. I always enjoy spending time with my twin sister. We always watch scary movies together, she screams and I laugh. We usually watch video videos, listen to music, and just hang out. Whenever I go out with my family, we always have the best time, especially when we go on vacation. When I was 13 we traveled to California, because one of my dad’s brothers lives there. We had a blast; we went to Disney land, universal studios, and even Hollywood. When I was 14 we traveled to Florida that was truly fun. We stayed at a private villa, and went to Disney world, sea world, and universal studios. When I was 15, we travelled to Florida once more. It was so much fun; I loved being there for a second time. Lastly at 16, we traveled yet again to California, but my experience this time was different. I want to become an actor one day, so when we went to California, my main goal was to see how things run for actors. I got to attend a VIP tour, of Hollywood. I got to see where they shot films, TV shows, and reality television. It was a lot of fun. Being with my family made it more fun, they always can put a smile on my face. My parents have taken care of me and still are. They do everything to make me happy. We always go out to dinner together; it helps us to spend quality time together. My dad and I, always watch cartoon together, play video games, and he always gives me the best advice.

As an individual I have grown in many ways. I used to care about what others thought of me, because sometimes people would just stare at me like I was crazy. All I ever wanted to do in those moments was yell “I am just a normal guy”. It hurt a lot, the way people approached me. I felt like a display, at the museum. Many doctors didn’t have hope that I would still be living. But I proved them all wrong. Even though my life is hard, and filled with millions of hardships; I believe that life is a blessing; I believe that everything happens for a reason, and I believe that things will get better. People underestimate me; they believe that I can’t achieve greatness, that I will not leave my mark on the world. I plan to prove them all wrong; I hope to become a famous actor, so I can set an example for kids like me. I will continue to work hard, with the support of God, my family, and friends. I may be ill, but I am not weak. I may be young, but I am not a kid. I hope to one day, get better, I believe that one day I will get better. As humans we will always struggle, but getting up after falling, is what captures the essence of life. My name is Mohamed Elherazy, and I am a Warrior.